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Pakistan Relief Fund

Sahiwal, Punjab, Pakistan Floods 2023
Sahiwal, Punjab, Pakistan Floods 2023

Devastating Floods Impacting Christians in Pakistan

Brother Naeem Sabir of Pakistan reached out to Central Missions International for relief during this time of storms. Though we have nothing in our budget for this, we are contacting those who view this post for help. Floods have left people homeless, without food, and feeling the effects of the spread of malaria due to the increase in misquotes. CMI is running a limited campaign to raise some funds for this disaster. Even if we can help only a few families, it is better than none. For $125, we can supply a family of five with enough water, food, repellent, and misquote nets for one month. We will not be able to guarantee any support beyond this one month. But if we raise $ 5,000, we can help 40 families for one month or 20 families for two months, whichever the church there decides is the best use of the funds.

To see photos and videos of the devastation and learn more, visit Brother Naeem Sabir's Facebook Page at

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