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Gregory Ochieng

Neema Church of Christ

Nairobi, Kenya

Gregory is distinguished among all the evangelists supported by CMI as Osumba Benson's nephew, the sister responsible for our involvement in Kenya. Gregory was the first, along with David Ochocho, to be supported by CMI and sent to the Nairobi Great Commission School, where he graduated in 2014. Previously, Gregory was awarded a Certificate in Informational Technology. Greg has also studied electrical installation, by which he occasionally earns some schillings. Gregory is married to Irine Atieno Ochieng, and they have one child, Natalie Melanie. Gregory began his ministry in Joshua Village, named after his great uncle, Joshua. For the past three years, he has served the Neema Church of Christ, which he planted along with his friend, David. The church has grown numerically and spiritually and now occupies the property it purchased in Oyugis, Kenya. Greg aspires to see a permanent building on the property, see many souls won to Christ, and see the needy served. Education is a core value of his ministry.

Teaching with Gregory Ochieng at Neema church of Christ.jpg
Neema church of Christ_edited.jpg
Gregory Ochieng Baptizing a new sister in Christ
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