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Other CMI Missions


Providing Care Where it is Needed

In addition to our work in Kenya, Haiti, and the Dominican Republic, CMI partners with ministries in Pakistan, India, and other places worldwide, serving people in the name of Jesus. We seek to spread God's Word by working with vetted, local, in-country ministers who preach the gospel, baptizing believers in the name of The Father, The Son, and The Holy Spirit. Unfortunately, in many of these locations, Christians face persecution, targeted killings, mob violence, and the destruction of their places of worship. 

CMI also helps during emergencies when there's no time to waste. Putting a relief campaign together takes time that victims of disaster or conflict may not have. That's why we ask you to commit to continued support so that together we can provide spiritual and physical help for suffering Christians to live in the dignity of God's love and ease their burdens through prayer, action, and giving.

Join Us in Our Ministry

CMI promises that with your donations, people will be brought to Christ. Over 250 churches have been planted in Haiti over the past 40 years. We promise that preachers will be trained and helped to become self-supported. We promise that at least 50 orphans will be cared for with education, housing, food, clothing, and spiritual training. We promise that at least 200 children will be educated and taught about Jesus. We promise that operating expenses will be kept at a minimum so that your gifts will go directly to the ministry's needs. 


Thank you so much for supporting this vital work and considering how you might be able to financially support Central Missions International's work. There are several ways that you can help. Please click the button below or contact us to learn how you can be part of this Kingdom work.

CMI uses all funds at CMI's discretion, which is consistent with our corporate purposes as prescribed by law.

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