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CMI Mission Kenya
August 23 - September 7, 2023

Rod Myers and Osumba Benson of Joshua Village

Rod with Osumba Benson, Founder of Joshua Village 8/29/23

Rod and Osumba enjoying a joyous reunion. This is Rod's first visit to Kenya since 2019.

Solomon and George leaders in the Rageng

Brother George and Brother Solomon, 8/28/23

Rod with Solomon and George, leaders in the Rageng'ni Church. This church started after the conversion of Solomon in 2015 as a result of a World Bible School study.

Lake Victoria is within walking distance

Lake Victoria, Kenya, 8/28/23

Lake Victoria is within walking distance of the Rageng'ni Church. What a great place to baptize disciples.

Brother Julius and his children _edited_

Brother Julius and his children, 8/26/23

Brother Julius and his children visit with Rod in Kisumu, Kenya.

Brother Felix and others at Leadership C

Brother Felix (on the right) of Oyugis Church, 8/30/23

The two brothers on the left traveled five hours by motorbike to attend the Workshop with Brother Felix, our host. Brother Felix preaches at the Oyugis church of Christ.

Rod with David and Mercy Odawa and Rodne

David, Mercy, and Rodney Kingsley Odawa 8/28/23

Rod with David, Mercy, and little Rodney Kingsley Odawa of the Rageng'ni church of Christ.

The road to Ragengni Church_edited_edited_edited_edited_edited_edited_edited.jpg

The Road to Rageng'ni, 8/28/23

Rod traveled the dirt road that leads to the Rageng'ni Church where he would visit with the Odawa family and members of the church at Rageng'ni, Kenya.

World Bible School graduates in the Rang

World Bible School Graduation, 8/26/23

Rod was the Keynote Speaker at the World Bible School graduation at the Rangju church of Christ. Brother Julius leads this program.

Leadership Workshop 8_edited.jpg

Leadership Workshop, Oyugis, Kenya, 8/30/23

Rod led a Leadership workshop at the Oyugis church of Christ and drew 60 church leaders from all over the area, some as far away as a five-hour motorbike trip. They studied leadership principles, spiritual growth, and the second coming of Christ.

Brother Kennedy and others at Leadership

Brother Kennedy (on the left) enjoying fellowship at the Workshop, 8/30/23

CMI cooperated with Brother Kennedy to plant a new church near the Uganda border in Busia, Kenya. He brought ten people to our workshop. Rod taught and enjoyed fellowship with these leaders from 8:30-5:00.  Rod says, "They are the salt of the earth."

JV Board of Directors 8.31_edited.jpg

Joshua Village Board of Directors, 8/31/23

From left to right, Meshack Ngare, John Odhiambo, Maurice Ondeka, James Oricho, Josephine Ouma, Rod Myers, and Osumba Benson. Not pictured, Lucy Ogigo.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    

Classrooms at Joshua Village, Kenya

The Classrooms at Joshua Village, 8/31/23

The clay structures you see in the background must be replaced by the direction of the Department of Education for classroom use. The structures are no longer suitable for the children to use as classrooms.

Rod teaching at Neema 9_edited.jpg

Neema church of Christ, 9/1/23

A gathering at the Neema church of Christ to hear Rod teaching the Word of God on a Friday morning. Gregory Ochieng and David Ochocho planted Neema after David was led to Christ at Joshua Village. Gregory is Osumba's nephew.

Sister Vidah and family of Neema 9_edite

Sister Vidah and her family, 9/1/23

Sister Vidah, pictured on the left, is a widow who attends Neema church of Christ. These are Sister Vidah's children. Her husband left her some land, but she needs a house where she can continue to raise her children.

View from LeGrand Hotel, Oyugis, Kenya 8

View from the Le Grand Hotel, Oyugis, Kenya 8/30/23

This is the view from Rod's hotel room in Oyugis, where he stayed after a long day of teaching and fellowship with the brothers at the Leadership Workshop. You can see the sky is overcast, and he did get a bit of rain but avoided Hurricane Idalia in Sarasota. 

The Children of Joshua Village, Kenya

The children of Joshua Village, 8/31/23

Joshua Village has 50 orphans in residence, and another 240 students attend the school. God is using Joshua Village to change the lives of these children and prepare them to reach the world for Christ through Christian education.

Rod Myers visits Neema church of Christ, Kenya

Rod visits Neema church of Christ, 9/1/23

Rod and David Ochocho are planting an avocado tree at the Neema church of Christ, while little Rod Myers Ochocho, David's son looks on, to symbolize the growth expected in this church. David is the preacher at Neema. 

Neema planning new church building 9_edi

Making plans for permanent church building, 9/1/23

Gregory and David meet with an engineer to discuss plans for a permanent building for the Neema church of Christ. Interesting fact: neema means grace in Swahili.

Millicent of Neema church of Christ, Kenya

Millicent, a member of Neema, and Rod, 9/1/23

This is Millicent an orphan CMI has helped with school fees. She's very appreciative. In this photo, she presents Rod with a letter from the church.

Lake Victoria from Lakeview church_edite

Lake Victoria, Homa Bay, Kenya 9.2.23

This is the view of Lake Victoria from the Lakeview Homa Bay property.

The road to Lakeview church_edited_edite

The road to Lakeview church, 9/2/23

This is the road that leads to the Lakeview church in Homa Bay, Kenya.

Brother Felix_edited_edited.jpg

Brother Felix Rawago of the Lakeview church, 9/2/23

Brother Felix is spearheading the building of a retreat center on Lake Victoria. It is a large project that is sure to bless many people in the years to come.

Edwin Mijude with Rod Myers, Lakeview church of Christ, Homa Bay, Kenya

Rod teaching at Lakeview church, 9/2/23

Rod teaches with Brother Edwin Mijude at the Lakeview church of Christ in Homa Bay. 

Lakeview church_edited_edited.jpg

Lakeview church of Christ, Homa Bay, Kenya 9.2.23

This congregation is well-named because of the beautiful view of Lake Victoria. Brother Edwin Mijude is the preacher. The Oyugis church planted Lakeview.

Brother Edwin Mijude _edited_edited.jpg

Lakeview church leaders, 9.2.23

Brother Edwin Mijude, pictured on the left, with one of the church leaders.

Mountains surrounding Lakeview church_ed

Mountains surround Lakeview church, 9/2/23

Some small mountains surround the Lakeview church. This area is one of the most beautiful Rod has seen in Kenya.

Felix Rawago of Lakeview_edited_edited.j

Rod with Felix Rawago, 9/2/23

Rod and Felix Rawago discussing the plans for the retreat site on Lake Victoria.

Lwanda church of Christ _edited_edited.j

Lwanda church of Christ, 9/3/23

The small Luanda church of Christ was full on Sunday afternoon. This church almost died until Brother Wycliffe Odhiambo arrived to encourage the church.

Baptism at Lwanda church of Christ, Kenya

Michelle is baptized, 9/3/23

Brother Wycliffe Odhiambo, pictured on the left, and another church leader baptize Michelle.

Neema church of Christ_edited.jpg

Neema church of Christ, 9/4/23

Rod taught at the Neema church under the tent CMI purchased. CMI also paid for building an office and kitchen for this congregation.

Githurai church of Christ._edited.jpg

Road to Githurai, 9/5/23

Rod worked with Anthony Oure, preacher at Githurai Church of Christ, at a seminar hosted by the church. 

Githurai _edited.jpg

Githurai Seminar Attendees, 9/5/3

CMI provided funds for those attending our Githurai church seminar to receive a maize flour package to make their much-loved ugali. Ugali is like a porridge but much more dense. It is generally enjoyed with a vegetable, meat stew, or fish.

Michelle comes forward for baptism at Lw

A new believer comes forward at Luanda, 9/3/23

Michelle, pictured in the center, came to Luanda recently wanting to take her life. She found Jesus instead and was baptized Sunday.  Rod prayed for her and saw a big smile on her face.

Wycliffe Odhiambo and Lwanda church lead

Rod with the leaders at Lwanda church , 9/3/23

Brother Wycliffe is pictured on the left, with Rod and Luanda's leadership. 

Teaching with Gregory Ochieng at Neema c

Teaching at Neema church 9/4/23

Brother Gregory Ochieng and Rod teaching at Neema church in Oyugis.

Anthony Oure_edited.jpg

Brother Anthony Oure, 9/5/23

Anthony Oure is the lead preacher at the Githurai church, but he has several more preachers and leaders who share the work with him. The evangelists here are very good at raising up leadership who can eventually plant new churches.

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