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CMI's work began more than 35 years ago when Rod Myers became involved with mission work in Haiti in association with Jean Robert St. Hilaire. From a few Christians meeting in a rented room by a canal in Port au Prince, this ministry has grown to include a 2000-member congregation, Delmas 43 Eglise du Christ. Out of this ministry


  • A school for preachers was established, and hundreds of men share the gospel daily.

  • More than 250 Haitian church plants are thriving.

  • And thousands have been led to Christ.


And today, CMI remains committed to this ministry.


About 20 years ago, a woman whose roots are in Kenya arrived at the Central Church of Christ in Sarasota. She could not attend her regular church that morning because of a terrible accident in her neighborhood. As she walked along the road looking for a place to worship, one of Central's members picked her up and brought her to our church. Osumba Benson was loved, taught, baptized, and returned to Kenya to oversee her established orphanage. The orphanage, Joshua Village, is named after her father. Central assumed responsibility for raising funds to operate Joshua Village, supporting 50 orphans and 200 students studying at the compound school. A church was established in Joshua Village, and after two mission trips made by Rod Myers, several other churches are being planted and encouraged. Five young evangelists are being mentored, and other preachers are being helped.


CMI was born as a ministry of the Central Church of Christ in Sarasota from these two works. However, with the merger with New Day Christian Church in late 2022, CMI has become a non-profit ministry to continue the work among the Haitian people and the work in Kenya. We are also open to other mission points.


It is the mission of CMI to plant churches, support orphans and other needy people, mentor evangelists, and enable them to become self-sustaining in ministry.

Sence of Urgency

We have a sense of urgency about spreading the gospel.

Clear Teaching

Rod Myers' teachings make the good news easy to understand.

God's compelling message

We share God’s compelling message of grace and truth.


Responding to God’s Spirit 

We believe that God is the author of renewal, and he invites us to access and join him through prayer and fasting for the Holy Spirit’s work of renewal.

Following God’s Reliable Word

We learn the ways of God with lasting clarity and conviction by trusting God’s Word and what it teaches as the objective foundation for renewal and life.

Surrendering to Jesus as King

The Gospel teaches us that Jesus is the Messiah (King) and Lord. He calls everyone to salvation (in eternity) and discipleship (in this life) through a faith commitment that is expressed in repentance, confession, and baptism. Repentance and surrender to Jesus as Lord is the never-ending cycle for life in Jesus’ Kingdom, and it is empowered by the Spirit.

Championing Disciple Making  

Jesus gave us the perfect model of disciple-making, which he demonstrated with his disciples. Those same principles from the life of Jesus should be utilized as we make disciples today and champion discipleship as the core mission of the local church.

Loving Like Jesus 

Jesus showed us the true meaning of love and taught us that sacrificial love is the distinguishing character trait of true disciples (and true renewal). Sacrificial love is the foundation for our relationships both in the church and in the world.

Living in Holiness

Jesus lived differently from the world, so the people in his church will learn to live differently from the world – even when it is difficult. We show that God’s kingdom is an alternative kingdom to the world.

Leading Courageously

God always uses leaders in renewal, and they live by a prayerful, risk-taking faith. Renewal will be led by bold and courageous leaders – who make disciples, plant churches, and create disciple making movements.

Rod Myers
Founder & President

Rod Myers is the founder of Central Missions International. Rod is a graduate of Harding University. Originally from Valdosta, Georgia, Rod and his wife Brenda moved to Florida, where he preached at 6th Street Church of Christ in Pompano Beach. From there, he was the preacher at Boca-Delray Church of Christ, and finally, in 1992, he began preaching at Central Church of Christ in Sarasota, where he remained until his retirement in December 2022.

However, Rod's idea of retirement doesn't consist of dreams of kicking sand on the beach or sailing the beautiful waters of Sarasota. Instead, he remains active as Director of Pastors for Life, serves on the board of the Sarasota Ministerial Association, and is the founder and President of CMI's Board of Directors.  Upon his retirement from full-time preaching, Rod says, 'I feel free to focus on what I have always really wanted to do. Focus on my family, spread the borders of the kingdom through missions, win as many people to Christ as I can locally and personally, and help save as many babies as possible.'

CMI's Board of Directors

Rod Myers, Founder, CMI
Lee Robison

Lee Robison

Vice President, BOD

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Sharon Crawford, Director, CMI

Sharon Crawford 

Secretary, BOD

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Jimmy Goins

Jimmy Goins


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