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CMI Mission Haiti

For forty years Rod Myers and Jean Robert St. Hilaire have been working together to evangelize the people of Haiti around the world. After the establishment of the Delmas 43 Eglise du Christ in Port au Prince, soon thereafter, a school of preaching was established. The school is a three-year program of instruction for men and women to prepare them to serve in the kingdom of God. This work is under the direction of the elders of the Northeast Church of Christ in Kingsport, Tennessee.

How We Care

CMI plays a supporting role in planting churches and raising funds for disaster relief, such as for the 2010 earthquake that took the lives of over 250,000 people. Churches have been planted throughout Haiti and wherever Haitians live worldwide, including the US, France, Guadeloupe, the Dominican Republic, and Central and South America. Over 250 churches from this first congregation. Rod Myers has made over 40 trips to teach and preach, with thousands coming to the Lord.

How We Equip

It is the vision of CMI’s work in Haiti to be able to provide funds for travel, teaching materials, meeting places, and relief efforts. Because of our long experience in Haiti, we can advise others how to best work in a country plagued by poverty, corrupt government, and disreputable preachers.

CMI uses all funds at CMI's discretion consistent with our corporate purposes as prescribed by law.

Haitian People
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