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Anthony Oure
Githurai Church of Christ
Githurai, Kenya

Anthony was born in 1983 and is married to Leah Barasa, who is three years younger. Together they have four biological children, Jeremiah, Jemimah, Keziah, and Sheryl, and an adopted daughter, Agnes. They also care for an orphaned cousin, Magdalene.


Anthony is originally from Busia County, in Northwestern Kenya, near the Uganda border. He has family there and land on which he grows maize, beans, and other crops to help support his large family. He currently lives and ministers Githurai, a suburb of Nairobi. In 2018 Anthony earned a diploma in Bible and Missions. He also has an additional certification in Teaching. Anthony has experience running a primary school and is considering starting a school where the church meets to provide income for his family and the church.


CMI (Rod Myers) became aware of Anthony first in 2017 while conducting a workshop in Nairobi. However, it was not until a subsequent visit in 2019 that Rod got to know Anthony and saw in him a man worthy of encouragement and support. We have partnered with him in the gospel since that time.


Anthony is a humble servant of God and talented in many ways. He sacrificially serves his family and church. CMI provides the funds to rent the facility where the church meets. We are also supplying Anthony with a stipend and helping him to become self-supporting by funding some business ventures, such as farming, raising chickens, and possibly starting a school. He and his wife had been running a market until a severe accident made it difficult for Leah to continue that work.


Our long-term plans are to help Anthony become self-supporting and help the church become stable, perhaps even having its own property and building. In the meantime, we want to ensure that this ministry is sustained and growing by adding more people to the kingdom of Christ.

Nairobi, Kenya
Anthony Oure, Githurai church of Christ Baptisms
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