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Edwin Mijude

Huma Lakeview Church of Christ

Kendu, Nyanza, Kenya

Brother Edwin Juma Mijude became known to CMI through Brother Felix Rawago, who planted the Oyugis Church of Christ in the town center. Rod met Brother Felix at the African Christian College anniversary ceremony in Swaziland in 2017. Rod met Brother Edwin again in Oyugis in 2019, preaching in the church he planted and visiting with his family. Brother Edwin worked with Felix then but aspired to plant a church near Lake Victoria. Edwin is a farmer married to Euniter Aluoch. They have three boys and one girl, Henry, Edwin Jr., Patricia, and Trevor. Edwin came to Christ through a World Bible School course and was baptized by Alfayo Body in 2006 when he was 23. The Huma Lakeview Church of Christ was established in 2019. Edwin continues to serve as a WBS teacher giving back to the program that brought him to Christ. CMI provided the funding for the property where Lakeview church serves Jesus. We have made some minor improvements to the property, but we must provide them with a permanent building. This young church plans to serve orphans, ensuring they have an adequate education and spiritual foundation for life. The church has diverse leadership (as seen in the photos below).

Huma Lakeview Church of Christ Orphanage
Huma Lakeview church of Christ Baptism
Edwin Mijude's Maize Field
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