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CMI Investment Model

Central Missions International, Inc. is now a legally established 501 © (3) organization operating in Florida. Our board of Directors is comprised of myself (Rod Myers), Lee Robison (retired preacher), Jimmy Goins (retired preacher), and Sharon Crawford (employed in the real estate industry as a trainer). This ministry aims to facilitate the spread of the gospel, plant churches, mentor preachers, and care for widows and orphans in various countries, primarily Haiti and Kenya.


Our approach to accomplishing these activities of the Kingdom of God in Jesus's name is The Investment Model. Jesus said that where your treasure is, there is where you will find your heart. We believe the heart of most disciples is in seeking and saving the lost, making disciples who make disciples. Disciples are responsible for doing just that in their day-to-day lives. Still, many want to invest their earthly treasures into seeing the gospel go into what we often call “the mission fiel".” Just as in the "investment Industry, there are domestic and foreign investments.


The model used by CMI is The Investment Model. Imagine an investment manager. Clients invest their money in an Investment Company that employs investment managers. They are given several portfolios of different clients to manage. Their job is to ensure the client gets the greatest return on investment. They must assess market risks and individual companies where this money is invested. They are mindful of the goals of their investors and are accountable for dealing honestly and transparently with them.


At CMI, we are the Investment Managers. When you donate dollars to CMI, we find places to invest your funds in Kingdom Business, and we must make sure that your money is well spent. There are two kinds of investments within CMI: designated and undesignated. For example, someone may give specifically to Joshua Village for Orphans, while others may contribute to CMI, letting us determine where their funds can be best spent on other projects. To do an excellent job for you, we must know the people we work with within the field. We build personal relationships with them and communicate regularly. We offer advice for their ministries and help them avoid anything that would create a risk for your investment. We teach and equip them to have thriving ministries. We receive reports and documentation from them to ensure the funds are spent as intended. We sometimes make personal visits to see for ourselves where the money is going. Occasionally, suppose we have a church that wants to fund a particular mission effort but cannot manage that ministry's day-to-day needs. In that case, CMI will do that for them and make regular reports.


This model requires us to do much more than merely send funds. CMI manages those funds to see that we get the maximum benefit for the Kingdom of God. Presently, CMI has two behind-the-scenes volunteers who help provide more details regarding the people we work with and the demographics of the places we serve. CMI hopes to add some very qualified people who can become what we will call Project Managers who will provide day-to-day communications with those in the field so that we get all the essential things in our overall management. Please let us know if you want to serve as a Project Manager. You must be approved by the Board and undergo training before we put you to work.


CMI is serious about making the most of every opportunity and winning as many as possible by all possible means. Let us invest your funds into the Kingdom of God, or join our team to ensure that others get the best heavenly return on their investment.

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