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Baptism Reports from June 18, 2023

Four Kenyan churches reported baptisms on Father’s Day.

Four Kenyan churches reported baptisms on Father’s Day. It is always exciting to get these reports.

The Huma Lakeview Church of Christ, led by Brother Edwin, had one baptism this weekend. The baptism took place in Lake Victoria. David and Gregory from the Neema Church of Christ also had a baptism this weekend.

Brother Anthony had a beautiful place to baptize another new brother in Christ in Nairobi.

Brother Wycliffe reports that the Lwanda Church added six souls to the Lord’s church. They also identified two upcoming baptisms.

These young evangelists are constantly sharing God’s word with the people of their communities. Please pray for them as their living conditions are harsh, and the needs of those won to Christ are significant. As these churches grow, chairs, PA systems, Lord’s Supper supplies, Bibles, and benevolent help are needed. CMI does what it can with your selfless support. There is always another need to fill, so we thank you and encourage your continued support. We are incredibly grateful for our faithful donors, without whom this work could not continue. May God bless you.

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