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Spreading the Gospel in Paris' Haitian Community

Haitians around the world becoming disciples of Christ.

The Varreines Sur Seines Church in Paris, France, is led by Geffrard Alexandre, one of our graduates from the School of Preaching in Port au Prince, Haiti under Jean Robert St. Hilaire, one of our partners in the gospel. When Rod first met Brother Geffrard, he was preaching for a church in Guadeloupe. He had a growing ministry among the Haitian people in this Caribbean Island nation. Brother Geffard decided to heed the call to take his family to France because he knew that many Haitians lived there and needed to hear the gospel. So, in faith, he left. This past Sunday (June 4, 2023), this church reported eleven new baptisms into Christ. We rejoice at the growth of this group. Rod hopes to travel with Jean Robert one day to Paris to work with this church to further the gospel. If you would like to be a part of the work we do among the Haitian people of the world, click the link.

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