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Blessings we see as no big deal are the blessings many others are desperately praying for!

There are always needs in missions; some are born out of the weather. In the US, we rarely think of being vulnerable to weather unless a powerful hurricane or tornado is bearing down on us. Sometimes long periods of rain or melting snow can cause flooding. But when you live in a mud house with dirt floors, it doesn’t take much rain to cause a problem. Problems are what happened to David and Emeldah this week. Then you add that they have a small child and Emeldah is “very” pregnant; you have the makings of a significant headache. When CMI agreed to help them plaster the inside walls and floor, I not only heard David telling me we were fulfilling a great desire of their hearts but also from Emeldah, who expressed her appreciation. We should never take our tiled and hardwood floors for granted. Thank you, CMI supporters, for helping to make their dreams come true. David is one of the Neema Church of Christ evangelists in Oyugis, Kenya.

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