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Let’s turn fear into hope and rejoicing.

This picture of Wycliffe, his wife Agnes, and their doctor speaks volumes. In the doctor’s face, I see a readiness to serve and help this young couple in real danger of losing their baby. In Wycliffe’s face, I see the hopeful expectation that someone who sees this picture will send the necessary funds to help save their baby. In Agnes’ eyes, I see fear, anxiety, and uncertainty. Will she leave this place as a family of two or three? The issue is a weak uterus (forgive me, doctor friends, for my non-medical terminology). This very young baby inside is beginning to weigh down, causing bleeding and threatening to fall out prematurely literally. She needs expensive medications, bed rest under a doctor’s care, and surgery, a procedure called a Myers-stitch of all things. Because of previous donations, she and her baby are safely on the way home. However, these funds need to be replaced, along with another emergency that required immediate funding to treat the severe condition of another evangelist’s wife in Nairobi. Anthony’s wife, Leah, was experiencing severe stomach pains. In Kenya, hospitals will not discharge the patient until the bill is paid, and the charges go up each day the patient remains in the hospital. That sounds like a hostage situation to me. However, this puts tremendous pressure on families.

These young men and women are our best hope of reaching a lost world. Yet they must contend with many obstacles to stay healthy, feed their families, provide schooling for their children, and serve the needs of growing congregations. You and I are often all they have in avoiding death and being able to continue in ministry. So how can we not step in and help? CMI does what we can, but I share these very personal needs with you so that you have a realistic picture of how your support changes the lives of real people who spend their lives in service to our Savior and His Kingdom. They look to you through CMI to have their backs, and CMI must look to you to have ours. Mission work is a work of evangelism, but it is also a work of compassion. So look into Agnes’ eyes again. Let’s turn fear into hope and rejoicing. Even if we could make up $3000 in additional income, it would be greatly appreciated.

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May 18, 2023
Rated 5 out of 5 stars.

In a world often plagued by despair and division, CMI is a radiant beacon of love, compassion, and faith. CMI's unwavering commitment to serving others, holistic approach to charity work, and ability to unite communities have touched and transformed countless lives. With the utmost integrity and transparency, CMI demonstrates what it truly means to be good stewards of the resources entrusted to them. I wholeheartedly commend Central Missions International for the outstanding work and urge everyone to support and celebrate CMI's remarkable mission. Together, let us join hands and make a difference in the world.

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