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Your Support for CMI Changes Lives

There is never a dull moment in CMI’s world. We are transitioning with a bang as we close another year and prepare for the next. Joshua Village is busy constructing their second of four classroom buildings while the children are on break.

New Classroom Building at Joshua Village
New Classroom Building at Joshua Village

Lakeview-Homabay will be hosting an areawide conference for churches within their region. Lakeview received a facelift with freshly completed buildings, a water barrel system, and a paint job in bright blue.

Lakeview church of Christ, Homa Bay
Lakeview church of Christ - Homa Bay

The Neema church is in its second month of caring for fifteen orphans in its community who attend the Neema church. With the orphans of Joshua Village, we now have sixty-five orphans being supported by CMI. The Lwanda church is growing as CMI provides funds to purchase the property and construct a fence, latrine, and housing for two sisters on the property. Brother Wycliffe and his wife Agnes welcome a little baby girl into the world.

Brother Wycliffe's children
Brother Wycliffe's children

CMI’s newest evangelist partner, Zacharias, is leading a campaign to plant a church in the Molo region of Kenya after the conversion of a prominent businessman, John and his wife, Mercy.

Zacharias baptizing sister Mercy
Zacharias baptizing sister Mercy

Jean Robert from Haiti reports planting our newest church in Montreal, Canada, with CMI’s help. Young Haitian churches in New York and the Dominican Republic continue to grow and expand. The churches in Haiti continue to suffer under the civil unrest and chaos.

Struggles continue in the lives of several of our partners. Three of our evangelists have recently lost close relatives. Rains have hindered evangelistic efforts in some places. Our brethren in Pakistan have felt the hatred of the Muslims in their area in response to the events of October 7 in Israel. Daily struggles to have enough to eat are mitigated by your gifts to provide a stipend for several of our evangelist partners.

The CMI board is busy converting to a new accounting and donor management system, considering and approving the 2024 budget, and seeking ways to deepen the strength of CMI by adding some volunteer positions, including three new board members.

Fundraising efforts are never-ending, and God is a blessing. Please pray for CMI as the Lord continues to place new opportunities before us and holds us accountable for the work we have undertaken. Many are counting on your faithful generosity and continued support.

The orphans, the widows, and winning the lost to Christ are why we do what we do, but YOU are the how. You are the essential piece of the puzzle that feeds hungry children, provides life-saving healthcare to widows and expectant mothers, and helps to educate the young men who preach and work so hard to share the Good News of Jesus. Your support is what makes this imaginable and allows us to think broader and dream bigger.

Thank you, CMI family, for all that you helped with in 2023 and all that we’re hoping for in 2024.

With gratitude,

Rod Myers

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